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Marilyn Monroe had her Aran sweater handknit in Ireland adjusted during the filming of the musical comedy

‘Let’s Make Love’ the Marilyn Aran Sweater Story and lockdown discovery by Edel MacBride

While researching Aran an image of Marilyn Monroe in the movie ‘Let’s Make Love’ popped up and I noticed the sweater she was wearing unfamiliar having seen images from this movie before over the years.

In what Twentieth Century Fox billed as a 'Romantic Riot' in 1960 this musical was not without drama! Costume designer Dorothy Jeakins had two of her three Oscars already and got on the phone to Ireland for Aran sweaters...

All Aran is not more or less the same !

Let’s look at Marilyn’s sweater or gansaí as it would have been called in Ireland, and the two different versions she wore in the sequence. Where is the blackberry? Which image is the correct one?

Let’s call them the Honeycomb, V1 (the example worn first in the dance sequence) and the Blackberry, V2 (the example worn second).

by Edel MacBride on September 13, 2021
A Real Stardigan Knit In Dongeal

A Real Stardigan Knit In Dongeal

Cardigan or Stardigan?

To be a Stardigan you must be a headline piece. Let's say you are not thrown in the back of a car as a maybe I need you thing, you are THE THING.

The cardigan has been thrown back too often and is now having a 'Hell Yeah' year. It's your piece that will define the day, creatively and practically...

by Edel MacBride on December 03, 2020



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